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Join writing teacher Pilar Alessandra and industry guests as they  demystify screenwriting and answer your questions about craft and story.

Jan 27, 2023

Copyright advocate David Newhoff returns to answer all your questions about protecting your work, obtaining rights to IP, hiring a lawyer and much, much more.

Jan 20, 2023

Writer Gary Jones talks about what he’s learned about writing and editing as he turns written short films into spoken radio plays.

Jan 13, 2023

Mika Frank talks about how her love of writing, combined with her training in pharmacy and research led her to her current job as story editor on Fox’s hit show, The Resident.

Jan 6, 2023

From comedy writer to therapist, Phil Stark, writer on South ParkThat 70’s Show and the screenwriter of the movie Dude, Where's My Car? talks about his unique, personal journey.