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Join writing teacher Pilar Alessandra and industry guests as they  demystify screenwriting and answer your questions about craft and story.

Oct 30, 2015

Pilar is joined by writers Valerie Ahern, Mike Montesano and Eric Schaar to discuss their process for writing family oriented sitcoms.

Oct 23, 2015

Writer Shawn Boxe is on the brink! Here he talks about breaking story and taking meetings.

Oct 17, 2015

Need tools for comedy, sitcom writing or life itself? Author and TV Writer, John Vorhaus has something to teach you.

Oct 9, 2015

Writer Alexandra Denye came for a visit and never stopped moving. Here are 10 things she did to make progress on her writing and further her career.

Oct 2, 2015

Great on-screen stories often revolve around major character epiphanies. Author Elise Ballard and Pilar discuss.