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Join writing teacher Pilar Alessandra and industry guests as they  demystify screenwriting and answer your questions about craft and story.

Nov 29, 2019

Writer/Directors Emily Dell and Hannah Macpherson talk about their productive year creating horror/thriller content and their interesting advice to "come at storytelling sideways."

Nov 25, 2019

Announcement of the deadline and rules for the 2019 Logline Competition.  Plus 10 patterns to help build your logline.

Nov 22, 2019

Writer/Directors Etta DevineBarbara Stepansky and April Wright return to talk about a year writing on Outlander, getting a blacklist script produced, creating an award winning documentary and much more.

Nov 15, 2019

Writer and television journalist Michael Grebb returns to discuss “Five Big Trends Writers Should Know About” including a new take on "peak TV," the death of the television season and the fact that almost everything in the industry is motivated by CYA.

Nov 8, 2019

Kelsey Calaitges, development executive at Frederator Studios (Adventure Time, The Fairly Odd Parents) and writer on GO! Cartoons Bravest Warriors shares wisdom about pitching and writing for character-driven animation.